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Playland Academy
Playland Academy
1836 W MAIN ST
DOTHAN, AL36301-1320

Playland Learning Academy is an independent school in Dothan, Alabama offering pre-school and K-12 education. Our mission is to create an educational experience in an environment where students feel safe, supported, and engaged in their learning process. We encourage learners to work to their full potential, to exhibit independent thought, self-confidence, creativity, and imagination.

Using a thematic, integrated curriculum; character and team building activities; and enrichment activities we work to adapt our teaching to meet each child’s individual needs. Our belief is that because each child is unique, their learning experience should be tailored to them so that they may excel and have great success in school.

The Learning Academy began in a small establishment with fifteen students, ages 5-12. Sandra Baker and Dwight Baker, the school’s dedicated founders, struck out on their own and brought some of their old friends aboard with them. Thus, Playland Academy was born. It was a discombobulated but successful first year spent piecing together curriculum, supplies and teaching strategies, but students were happy, comfortable and, most importantly, thriving and learning so…we grew!

The next year, with more improvements, we moved to a new space, gained more students and kept doing what we knew was right for students: meeting them where they are and letting them learn at their own pace. Believing that all students can learn and love learning has been the core upon which our now 70 student strong campus has grown.
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